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I'd like to show you my 'latest' pass time.......(Do I ever stop?)

As I think you already know........ the 'latest' fad is 'beads' !
well, needless to say........ I just had to try this !
(but, I did use 'some' of my own stones & pearls)

(photo taken 1998) don't think I've changed too much, LOL of course not!)

"Thank you...... for coming" !
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Below and on following pages are 'some' of my Designs.
Now....... here we go..........
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here are a few more. They are soooooo easy to create. And FUN !
Some 'Mardigra Glass Beads....... and PEARLS for 'ME' !
(You can buy MOST of these 'beads' , stones and  'man-made'...pearls at any good Craft store)

I created the above Necklaces simpply by 'stringing them onto BEAD THREAD. First I tie on the
'clasps' (first at one end, where 'bead' will drop, then when finished at the other end. Very Simple) I felt like my kids and I used to spend many  hours of fun at Christmas time...... stringing Pop Corn !
 Look at the results, get some ideas!!

Below....... are some BRACELETS...... I enjoyed creating to go with  some of the Necklaces.

 (a different view of some of the braclets)

I  do hope that you will go and 'visit' all the pages below !
things will be added......as I do have a 'zillion' hobbies!  I'm sharing them with you
in the pure hope ........... that YOU TOO  will 'try' out your unknown talents!!
Hugs, Marianne
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